A handful of signs you’re ready for major change in your life:

Your job (or business) is slowly crushing your soul. You’re good at putting on a happy face, but you wake up every morning with a knot in your stomach, and it’s starting to become distinctly nauseating.

The idea of quitting your full-time gig (or changing your biz model) is part exhilarating, part terrifying. And your heart slams against your ribcage every time you think about it.

You’re bursting with ideas, yet you’re not sure you believe they could ever be real - let alone how you’d support yourself and the ones you love with them.

Or maybe the ideas stopped coming long ago – but you DO know that something’s got to give… and soon.

If this sounds like you, I have good news: The Girl’s Guide to Creative Bloom is your ticket outta here.

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Welcome to GG2CB: the secret society that gives you access to all the training, support, and sisterhood you could possibly need to figure out what you’re meant to be doing, map out exactly how to do it, and go out there and make it happen – using the web as your personal garden of possibility.

This is your moment.

It’s time to discover your gifts,
design your dreams into being,
and dance with your destiny.



You and I are standing at a crossroads.

amanda-looking-upAnd the decisions we make today will undulate out into the world in ways we can’t even imagine.

More than ever, we are being called.

Called to know who we really are. Called to live lives that stem from that truth. And called to help others (and the planet) with our unique gifts.

This is what GG2CB is all about. It’s about refusing to go on like this, adrift in a sea of mediocrity.

Refusing to buy into the idea that what we’ve experienced up ’til now is just “how life is”. “How business is”.

And demanding something better for ourselves, so that we can become the proof - and then be beacons of hope for the billions of others who so badly need us to be exactly that.


I’m going to show you how to craft a new reality.

In The Girl’s Guide to Creative Bloom, you’ll learn to bring your very own soul-centric business to life, from scratch – with in-depth training in branding, copywriting, web design, graphic design, WordPress, and what I’m calling “unmarketing”.

RanunculusBut you’ll also get something that may be even more valuable than all those skills combined:

You get to come along for the ride, getting an insider’s view as we complete the work on the course.

In other words, you’re invited to peek behind the scenes and see exactly what goes into running a business and creating a program like GG2CB – no holds barred.

You could say The Girl’s Guide to Creative Bloom is like a many-petaled flower: a course within a course. A dream within a dream. :)



… And speaking of dreams:

I can’t wait to introduce you to the incredible team of women who will be supporting you on your journey of Creative Bloom. These ladies are our Student Support Gurus, Community Manager and Customer Happiness Specialist, and they’ll ALL have your back if you choose to join us for the course:

Our amazing Student Support Gurus!



There’s never been an “online course” like this before. And that’s why I created it – because there’s never been a greater need.


THIS is the invitation you’ve been waiting for. The invitation to step into a new reality where everything just FITS, and you can’t *wait* to wake up every morning and do the work you were destined to do.

Because The Girl’s Guide to Creative Bloom (GG2CB for short) is an unapologetically technicolour online learning experience that’s all about pushing the envelope – and then lighting it on fire.



Here’s what makes GG2CB so life-changing:

1Extensive training in copywriting, graphic design (using Photoshop), and web design (with WordPress and the Thesis framework). Yep – you get access to ALL of my well-loved online courses for women, including The Girl’s Guide to Graphic Design, The Girl’s Guide to Copywriting, and the brand-new version of The Girl’s Guide to Web Design. And these are not fly-by-night kind of courses. You’ll literally learn everything you need to know to be your own graphic designer, copywriter, and webmaster – so that you can bring your business to life on the web and have it utterly irresistible – on your own terms, and without shelling out $10,000. And yes, you CAN learn these things without enrolling in a fancy degree program, or even if you’re NOT “technical”! I’ve done it myself, and I’ve taught hundreds of other women to do it, too.

2You’ll get ALL the tools and support you need to plan, create, and launch a profitable, soul-centric business that makes you want to do cartwheels down the hall, in the form of videos (featuring me – Amanda on camera, or a view of my screen while I demonstrate things), worksheets, and exercises that are as titillating as they are powerful.

3We’ll guide you through creating the products and services you’re meant to offer (after all, you can’t have a business without those, now can you?), as well as creating a website that has the marketing built right in – so that you don’t have to “go out and promote yourself”. Instead, you’ll sing your message loud and proud online, using your site as a portal for using your gifts, and your perfect clients, customers, readers, and supporters will come to YOU. And don’t worry if you don’t know what your message is yet; we’ll help you coax it out!

4When you join GG2CB, you’re a permanent part of our community. You’ll get lifetime access to the content and all course updates, for as long as the program exists. And we’ve got an expert coach lined up for every aspect of the course, ready to answer your questions in our online forum (new incoming students receive unlimited access to our Student Support Gurus for a full year, and existing GG2WD + GG2GD students get access forever). That means if you have a question about something, you’re never on your own. Just post your question in the forum, and one of our Gurus will tell you what you need to know, so that you can confidently move forward in the direction of your dreams.

5The program is designed so that you don’t have to make any scary shifts in your life in order to pursue your creative bloom… meaning that you can work on your GG2CB stuff on the weekends or in the evenings and bring your business to life “on the downlow” – while still making money from whatever it is that you’re currently doing.

6You’ll be doing all this alongside a blooming community of women from all over the world who are going through the same exhilarating process that you are. And you can go deeper with your fellow students by partnering up with specific “partners in crime” whom you can be in touch with on a daily or weekly basis, to keep you on track.

7GG2CB has been deliciously designed to feel like a magical game. What does that mean? Well, let’s just say you might become a little obsessed with your quest to unlock your next “phase of bloom”. You’ll actually navigate the course using an interface that feels like a (non-cheesy) board game, and as you progress through the content, you’ll get access to goodies from me, Amanda.

8We’re thrilled to be bringing you the most accessible payment model ever for the course (plus, a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee). GG2CB costs $2,000 USD, but YOU choose the way you pay for this experience: charge it all upfront, or pay in 8 payments of $250, or in 4 payments of $500.00, ’til you get all paid up. And if you find yourself with a little extra cash one month, let us know via email, and we’ll gladly allow you to pay off your balance faster. We want this investment in yourself to feel GOOD.

9We promote you once you’ve “graduated” – because the world needs to know about you! All of our students get a complimentary listing in our Student Directory, where we often refer people who are looking to hire inspiring women who are living their gifts. And you can also get certified as a Girl’s Guide-approved web designer or graphic designer, if that’s the work you want to pursue doing.

10If you choose to be inducted into our referral program, you’ll stand to earn $500 per student you invite into the fold – because we’re serious about taking this movement global, and we want to reward you for helping make that happen. Plus, wait ’til you see what we have up our sleeves to help you refer new students to us. Hint: it’s NOT something that will take place online. ;)


So… is this for you?


Amanda and flowersWhether you’re…

- Working at a job you hate
- Unemployed (or underemployed) and not sure what to do next
- Running a business that feels more like a struggle than a joy
- Not relishing the idea of returning to the office after having a baby, or
- Looking for a new endeavour now that your kids have left “the nest”

… We’re here to help you welcome the next phase of your unfurling.

The bottom line? GG2CB will pick you up, dust you off, and show you the way to get from where you are now, to where you’ve always dreamed of being: a place of luscious full bloom, on the path of your soul’s desiring.



How is GG2CB different than the other programs and courses out there?

CheckmarkWe’re about more than just knowledge and theory: we actually teach you the SKILLS to execute what you need to do (think graphic design, copywriting, web design, WordPress, and code), and lead you by the hand and give you feedback while you put those skills in action. To us, that’s true empowerment.
CheckmarkOur focus isn’t on showing you how to make X amount of money; instead, we emphasize how to create a truly abundant life that’s rooted in work that fulfills you on every level: mind, body, and spirit. Gotta love the beauty of knowing your soul’s calling!

CheckmarkWhen you need help, it’s only a post away. We offer practically-on-demand support from our team of 11 expert Student Support Gurus (those are their smiling faces further up on this page), who check in on our forums throughout the week to answer all your questions and give you encouragement.

CheckmarkYou get to be part of OUR creative bloom! We’re opening up enrollment early so that we can give you daily insider updates on our successes, failures, and everything in-between as we move towards completion of the course – which means you’ll see what really goes in to creating and launching an online program like GG2CB. More on this below.

CheckmarkWith some programs, you only have a few weeks to make use of any live, personalized course content help that’s offered. With GG2CB, you get a full year of access to our Gurus (and you can renew after that).
CheckmarkWe believe that “marketing” is going the way of the Dodo. When your business is based on who you REALLY are, you don’t need to spend ages psychoanalyzing your target market: instead, you get to focus on authentically sharing your message and gifts, which is LOTS more fun… and effortlessly attracts the people you’re meant to work with, anyway.
CheckmarkWe call this “unmarketing”, and it’s woven throughout our course content, rather than taught to you as a set of concepts that you must implement.

Because really… who needs marketing when you’ve got soul? :)


Amanda w flowers

Let’s talk details.


With so many areas of knowledge covered in one course, you’re probably wondering two things:

1.Is this for real? Is she seriously offering all this in one bundle, with the option to pay in such small installments?

2Assuming this is IS for real, what precisely will I learn/finish the course with?

I’m glad you asked!

1. Yes, this is for real. I used to sell all my courses separately – and make quite a healthy income doing it. But one day I realized something: the reason I love my life so much… the reason I am where I am today, so excited to wake up in the morning and dive in to my work… is the skills I chose to pursue learning in my life: namely, design, code, and copywriting.

I firmly believe that knowing what you’re doing in those realms is the ultimate recipe for making dreams a reality. Because when you’ve mastered this stuff, you can quite literally conjure up businesses, projects, movements, and revolutions out of thin air. Or at least, out of pixels and bits and bytes!

The point is, with this “knowledge trifecta” in your hands, you are quite literally unstoppable. And as soon as that fact crystallized in my mind, I knew I could no longer offer my courses separately. Because I have a vision of a world full of women who are living lives based on the essence of their infinite souls – and to be honest, I’m happy to shut down three of our “revenue streams” to try to make that vision a reality.
2. So much awesomeness! Below is the path you will follow as your journey of creative bloom unfolds:

The Creative Courage Workshop

Sally Hope

>> This is the magical starting point for your journey: because the main thing you need in order to be able to create an authentic life… is the courage to do it! As our Customer Happiness Specialist, Sara Harrier, says, “so much of our pain and suffering has to do with the fact that we’re dimming ourselves (and others)” – but gathering the strength to refuse to dim yourself any longer isn’t easy. That’s why I created the Creative Courage Workshop: a virtually foolproof process for equipping yourself with the courage you need to go forth and conquer!

>> The workshop is a 7-day online adventure into busting through fears that have kept you stuck where you are (and that keep you awake at night), discovering your soul-level gifts, and figuring out what kind of business you were put on this Earth to start.

>> This part of the course is totally free to anyone who wants to join us for it – so you can get a taste of what GG2CB is all about, and so that I can get you on your soul’s path as quickly as possible! Join us for the free workshop now, and take The Girl’s Guide to Creative Bloom for a test drive!

Value of this part of the course: Free, yet priceless

The Creative Courage Workshop could be the thing that shifts your reality once and for all. Here are a couple of comments about the workshop that we received from the over 2,000 ladies who participated last year:

“Creative Courage was the most life-changing course I’ve ever been a part of.” - A.S.

“I have been in business for more than 6 years and have had my website design done a few times. Not until I finished the Creative Courage Workshop have I truly and deeply LOVED my website. I finally focused on how I want it to look and feel rather than creating it to target this or that. The design is exactly what I envisioned. Thank you, Amanda, for reigniting my creative journey!”S.W.

“This class is one of the most fun things I’ve done with my clothes on!” – J.S.

Thank you, Amanda, for creating such a wonderful, useful, easy to follow workshop. It has made all the difference in my ability to move forward with my dream.”I.G.

Psssst: To dive into the Creative Courage Workshop with us, click here and enter your name and email at the bottom of the page.


Your Message and Offerings

Becca Tracey
>> Ready to get clear on the core of your future business?! In this section of the course, I’ll guide you through my signature process of refining your message and determining what products or services you’re destined to offer, based on your soul-level gifts and values.

>> You’ll finish with a vision for your business that you’ll be ridiculously pumped to bring to life – because it will be a reflection of your passions (sometimes ones you didn’t even know you had!).

Value of this part of the course: Tens of thousands of dollars

The products and services that you offer are what form the basis of a rich and fulfilling life, because they’re what you DO all day long! So it’s super important to nail these, so that you don’t waste time doing work that’s not the highest expression of your calling.

Working with a coach 1-on-1 to figure out what you want to base a business on isn’t cheap (you’d spend thousands on a package of sessions with an in-demand coach, so we’re extremely lucky that the uber-savvy Becca Tracey has offered to do this work with GG2CB students in our support forum!



Nikki Groom & Allie Aitken
>> Even the most gorgeous website will fall flat without engaging content. In this section of the course, you’ll learn to write copy that sings off the page – from your blog post titles to your tagline to your bio.

>> We’ll also help you to give your business, products, and services unforgettable names that perfectly capture the essence of what you’re putting out there, which has a funny way of making people LOVE your stuff!


Value of this part of the course: $3,000+

You’d likely pay at least this much to have a copywriter write all the copy for your site – plus, you’ll gain the skills you need to write the hell out of all the awesome stuff you’re going to offer in the future.


Setting Your Website Intentions, Digital Strategy, and SEO

Suzi Istvan, Katy Martin, Krista Smith and Stephanie Steyer
>> Does the thought of brainstorming about what needs to be on your website make your head hurt? In this part of the course, I’ll guide you through a way of doing it that feels like a breath of fresh air – by thinking about your website through the lens of intentions.

Together, we’ll set the following intentions for your website:

“Stay on the site” intentions: how to make sure people stay on your site once they land there

“Keep exploring” intentions: how to entice your visitors to dive deep into your site, so that they see more of who you really are

Email opt-in intentions: how to make sure all your “right people” sign up for your email list

Contact intentions: how to encourage visitors to get in touch with you if they need more information (rather than saying “forget it” and darting off to somewhere else on the web)

Purchase intentions: how to manifest sales through your site

Social media intentions: how to build your Facebook and Twitter following, direct from your website

… And the best part? Later in the course, well map out how to make them your intentions come true!

>> You’ll also dream up a plan for the kind of content you plan to create to support your offerings. Many web and marketing types insist that “you absolutely must blog!”, but I take a different view: as long as you’re regularly producing and sharing SOME kind of content (whether that’s cool graphics, photos of your life or products, or traditional blog posts), you’ll be keeping people engaged with your brand – and delighted to buy your products or services.

>> And finally, we’ll devise an elegantly simple, yet rock-solid SEO (search engine optimization) strategy for your web presence – so that people can find you via The Mighty Google.

Value of this part of the course: $2,000+

Experts charge at least a couple of thousand dollars for this kind of strategic work. But with my system, doing it yourself is just as effective – and a heck of a lot less expensive.


Behind the Scenes of the World Wide Web

Suzi Istvan, Katy Martin, Krista Smith and Stephanie Steyer
>> Sick of feeling intimidated by “the techy stuff”? In a fun and friendly style, I’ll impart the core web knowledge that no one’s ever taken the time to explain to you (it’ll be fun; I promise!). The end result? You’ll feel a LOT more comfortable doing routine online tasks, and you’ll be perfectly primed to knock it out of the park with your forthcoming website.

>> We’ll also be taking our first look at HTML, the programming language that’s responsible for all the websites you visit on a daily basis! I’ll teach you what you need to know, without getting you mired in an obscure land of code and funny-looking symbols.
Value of this part of the course: You’ll get to stop beating yourself up for not knowing how certain webby things work.

There’s nothing worse than that “throw your computer out the window” feeling. It limits you in SO many ways, and that’s why I’m excited to bring this content to you and show you that you really CAN grasp this stuff, no matter how “non-technical” you’ve thought you were up until now.


Domains, Web Hosting, and WordPress

Suzi, Stephanie, Katy, and Krista
>> Time to roll up your sleeves and stake your claim to your own little corner of the internet! In this section of the course, I’ll guide you through purchasing a domain (web address) and web hosting package to use for your new business (or if you’ve already got one or both of those things, I’ll teach you how to set them up so that you’re poised for success).

>> Next up, you’ll learn how to install WordPress (the platform that your spiffy new site will be based off of, used by millions of entrepreneurial souls worldwide), and I’ll give you the grand tour.

>> Finally, we’ll put up a “placeholder page” to protect your nascent site from prying eyes. This means your brand and business will remain totally under wraps ’til you’re ready to unveil them.
Value of this part of the course: $1,000


Securing your website

Suzi Istvan, Katy Martin, Krista Smith and Stephanie Steyer
>> Now that your website actually EXISTS (albeit hidden from everyone but you), it’s important to protect it against the baddies of the web. Yes, getting hacked is an unfortunate reality that befalls oodles of kindhearted website owners every day, so I’ll show you how to minimize the chances of this happening to you, and how to recover if it does, using a range of security tactics. You just might feel like a CIA operative by the time we’re done!
Value of this part of the course: $2,000

Without these security measures in place, you could use your whole website (and business) in a the blink of an eye. You’ll be REALLY happy you have this “insurance”.


Visual Branding and Look and Feel

Rebecca Brayman & Alysa Passage
>> From fonts to colours to imagery, your visual brand is the ultimate expression of who you are and the essence of your products or services. I’ll show you how to identify the exact visual elements you need for an unforgettable, eye-catching, website envy-inducing look and feel that will have people saying “ooooohh!!” when they see it.

Value of this part of the course: $5,000+

Hiring a branding expert is another several-thousand-dollar investment that you won’t have to make if you sign up for GG2CB – and in my opinion, there is NOTHING more important than having a stunning visual brand when your goal is to attract and enchant the people you’re meant to work with or sell to.


Creating Your Site Sketch

Suzi Istvan, Katy Martin, Krista Smith and Stephanie Steyer
>> Here, you’ll hearken back to your list of site intentions and your offerings, and I’ll guide you through deciding which elements to put on your website to flawlessly capture and communicate your passion for what you’re offering, how those offerings can help your visitors, and how they can purchase.

>> Then, it’s time to get a little artsy! I’ll show you how to sketch out the structure of your site (don’t worry – ZERO drawing ability required) so that you have a visual reference to work from when you bring your site to life, a little later in the course.

Value of this part of the course: $1,000

Nailing the architecture of your site is absolutely key to creating an enjoyable and absorbing experience for your visitors. And without that, they won’t even get the chance to learn about the brilliant work that you do – so this part of the course is very valuable indeed.


Graphic Design

Rebecca and Alysa
>> Incoming! A serious dose of empowerment is coming your way, because this section of the course is a biggie: it’s my entire Girl’s Guide to Graphic Design course, which sold for $1500 previously, and teaches you everything you need to know to create beautiful graphics of all kinds with Photoshop!

>> You’ll learn how to design and craft the graphics that will make your website ultra-memorable and stunning to look at. Because gorgeous graphics really are the difference between a site that’s “ho hum” and one that’s “oh WOW”.

>> Don’t have Photoshop on your computer? Not a problem: I’ll show you how to sign up for their free 30-day trial, and if you decide you love working with the program (like all our past students do!), you can own it for $20 a month with Adobe’s Creative Cloud program.

Value of this part of the course: $10,000 and up

A design degree from a college or university can run you up to $26,000 a year (!!), so there’s that. And don’t forget, once you know how to create lovely graphics, you can re-invent your visual brand time and time again as you evolve – and even become a working designer, if that’s what you want to do!


Introducing Thesis 2.1

Suzi Istvan, Katy Martin, Krista Smith and Stephanie Steyer
>> Introducing the WordPress theme that will power your WordPress website: Thesis! Whether you have no idea what a WordPress theme is, or you’re seasoned Thesis 1.8.5 user, this section of the course will get you 100% up to speed on how to use this acclaimed, ultra-customizable theme to bring your wildest imaginings to life.

Value of this part of the course: $2,500

How’d we arrive at $2500? That’s a typical amount you might charge a client for a Thesis-based site created by you. Now, let’s say you want to be a web designer: Multiply that by a couple of sites a month, and you’re not doing half bad!


Building Your Site, complete with social media sharing functionalities

Suzi, Stephanie, Katy, and Krista
>> This just might be the juiciest section of the course. Here’s where your site takes shape according to the vision you’ve cultivated for it throughout the course thus far. Luckily, with all the planning and bits and pieces you’ve put into place up ’til now, actually creating your site, based on your Site Sketch, will be a piece of cake. I’ll walk you through the whole thing, and the Gurus, as always, will be available to help you if you run into ANY snags along the way.

Value of this part of the course: $2,000+

You’d pay at least that much to have a reputable designer/developer create your site for you, and with these skills in your arsenal, you can reinvent your web presence as many times as you want!


Fun with CSS

Suzi Istvan, Katy Martin, Krista Smith and Stephanie Steyer
>> In this section of the program, you’ll learn the ins and outs of CSS, which I like to think of as a “programming paintbrush” that you can use to fine-tune the look and feel of your site (think: colours, spacing, fonts, and more) until it makes you smile from ear to ear.

>> You can learn CSS elsewhere on the web (or from books), of course, but the way I teach it is distinctly different: less code-y, more dreamy.

Value of this part of the course: $1,000


Making Your Site Responsive

Suzi, Stephanie, Katy, and Krista
>> When a site is “responsive”, the contents on its pages moves position to make it more easily readable according to the size of the screen the site is being viewed on. So, a responsive site will be just as readable (and look just as good) on an iPhone screen as it does on a big, wide-screen monitor.

>> Because I’m teaching you to create your site based on the Thesis theme for WordPress, it will be responsive “right out of the box”, but if you’ve added a bunch of custom graphics and coding to your site, you may want to learn some tricks of the trade to finesse its responsiveness. For those who really want to geek out, this section is for you!

Value of this part of the course: $1,000

Developers can charge as much as $1,000 extra to make a site design totally responsive, as it can be a bit fiddly. Learn to do it yourself, and you’ll have a site that looks great on any device, without the additional price tag.


Going Live - Launching Your Site

Suzi Istvan, Katy Martin, Krista Smith and Stephanie Steyer
>> It’s time for your Big Reveal – but before you unveil your site to the world, I’ll help you make sure you’ve crossed all your “t”s and dotted all your “i”s, so that your launch feels like a big celebration!

>> And we’ve got special emotional support in place for you surrounding your launch day – because it can be a bit scary to put yourself “out there”. The whole community will have your back, so if you have any last-minute worries, we’re here to help!

Value of this part of the course: $500


Building Your Biz Systems and Working with Clients

Kelly Azevedo
>> Ok…so your biz is up and running – but figuring out how to actually operate on a day-to-day basis (scheduling appointments, getting back to people, contracts, when to hire an assistant, tracking your results, etc.) is a whole other ball game. That’s why we’ve put together some bonus content for you that will help you get set up in a way that keeps things moving smoothly and that feels good to you.

Value of this part of the course: $4,000 (and a whole lotta spared angst!)




“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”
- William Shakespeare



I mentioned that sharing the total truth about what happens in my business is part of the GG2CB experience…

… And I was serious about that. Here’s why I’m doing this.

See, The Girl’s Guide to Creative Bloom isn’t finished yet. The whole team has been working on it like fiends for several months, and even though I keep saying “it will for SURE be done by Day X”, it just seems to keep expanding – mostly because I keep having new ideas for things I simply MUST add to the program!

amandawithflowersAnd meanwhile, I’ve been feeling an undeniable urge to bring a whole new level of transparency to what it means to be an entrepreneur in the online space. I wasn’t sure what that would look like, but the idea kept tapping me on the shoulder. It just wouldn’t leave me alone!

So there I was, working around the clock, yet strangely, at a sort of stalemate. For weeks, I struggled with how I would get this content and empowerment out into the world as soon as possible, without compromising on my vision that GG2CB would be the most empowering and magical online program that has ever existed (just a tiny little vision, huh?), while also helping other entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs on their own journeys by sharing how distinctly unperfect mine has been.

Then, one day, the solution came to me: what if we release the course before it’s totally finished, so that you can immediately start benefiting from the content we’ve worked so hard to put together for you, while simultaneously bringing you a raw, real, and often humorous look at what *really* happens, on a day to day basis inside a slightly-”out there”, multiple six-figure business like the Girl’s Guide courses?

Well, that’s what we’re doing! That’s what you’ll get if you choose to join us for The Girl’s Guide to Creative Bloom. On top of all the other amazing training, support, and community that we’ve lined up for you (as outlined further up on this page), every day, you’ll receive a “report from the front lines” from me.

I’ll share exactly what went wrong, what went right, and what got thrown out the window that week, as we work toward the completion of The Girl’s Guide to Creative Bloom, and my hope is that this will give you permission to not be so hard on yourself if YOU have a day where things don’t quite work out as planned with your business stuff.



Spiky purple flower

Enrollment is now open!


If you’re ready to join us, click the “join the movement” graphic below to sign up!

Click here to sign up

I can’t wait to be your guide on this adventure!

To your creative bloom,