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If you’re ready to discover your gifts and learn how to build a beautiful, fulfilling business around them (so that you can finally leave that depressing job/infuse your existing biz with soul/start something incredible for yourself), you’re in the right place.


Because you’re invited to join me for the Creative Courage Workshop:
A totally free, 7-day online adventure of empowerment that I’ve created for women of all ages who are sick of the status quo – and ready to bloom.


Here’s how our journey will unfold:



- Day 1: Your Story
Today we’ll explore your own personal “backstory” and go hunting for clues to the brilliant work you’re meant to do in this world.

- Day 2: The Joy Effect
On Day 2, we’ll reconnect you with the things that make you ridiculously happy. Plus, we’ll learn why it’s so important that your future business has plenty of those things built into it!

- Day 3: Fascination
This just might be my favourite day of the workshop. Find out how the geeky topic you’re secretly fascinated by (you know you’ve got one!) says a lot about your destiny and how you can best help others.

Amanda with flowers- Day 4: Core Values
Most of us float through life without ever tuning into these. Discover yours, and you’ll have a foolproof compass for every decision you ever need to make.

- Day 5: Natural Aptitudes
Natural Aptitudes are the place where your gifts collide with stuff you’re “good at”. We’ll look at which ones are your specialties, so that running your business feels effortless (even in the very beginning).

- Day 6: Service
Do you love the idea of “giving back” – but trying to keep your own head above water takes up so much energy that it’s hard to “go there” emotionally? I understand! Let’s flip the script today. :)

- Day 7: Stepping into your gifts
This is the day when it all comes together in a beautiful effervescent recipe of YOU-ness! Today you’ll discover the identity of the unique, soul-centric business that you were born to start. And then I’ll show you how to do it. No joke.



Let us help you find the courage to create a life on your own terms.

By this time next week, EVERYTHING could be different. In magical ways you can’t even imagine.

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